«What gives you that… special satisfaction?»

PSYCHIATRIST: Tell me, Harold, how many of these, eh, “suicides” have you performed?
HAROLD: An accurate number would be difficult to gauge.
PSYCHIATRIST: Well, just give me a rough estimate.
HAROLD: A rough estimate? I’d say… [savoring the thought]… fifteen.
HAROLD: That’s a rough estimate.
PSYCHIATRIST: Were they all done for your mother’s benefit?
HAROLD: No. No, I would not say “benefit”.

PSYCHIATRIST: That’s very interesting, Harold, and I think, very illuminating. There seems to be a definite pattern emerging. And, of course, this pattern, once isolated, can be coped with. Recognize the problem, and you are halfway on the road to its, uh, its solution. Uh, tell me, Harold, what do you do for fun? What activity gives you a different sense of enjoyment from the others? Uh, what do you find fulfilling? What gives you that… special satisfaction?
HAROLD: … I go to funerals.

PSYCHIATRIST: A very common neurosis; particularly in this society, whereby the male child subconsciously wishes to sleep with his mother. Of course what puzzles me, Harold; is that you want to sleep with your grandmother.