«What do you mean, “good-bye”?»

DEVLIN: You don’t look so hot
ALICIA: No. Hangover
DEVLIN: That’s news. Back to the bottle again, huh?
ALICIA: It sort of… lightens my chores
DEVLIN: Big party?
ALICIA: Just the family circle
DEVLIN: Sounds quite jolly
ALICIA: It helps life in a dull town
DEVLIN: You ought to take it easy on that liquor
ALICIA: Don’t you find Rio a little hard to take too?
DEVLIN: Not a bad town. You look all mashed up.  Must have been quite an evening
ALICIA: Yeah. It was
DEVLIN: Okay. If you wanna play  that way, go on. Have fun. No reason why you shouldn’t
ALICIA: That’s right, Dev. Here’s something that belongs to you.  I should have given it to you sooner
DEVLIN:  What is it?
ALICIA: A scarf that you leant me once, in Miami
DEVLIN: Cleaning house, huh?
ALICIA: Well, good-bye, Dev
DEVLIN: What do you mean, “good-bye”?
ALICIA: Nothing. Just good-bye. Fresh air isn’t as good for a hangover as I thought
DEVLIN: Sit down.  You’re still tight
ALICIA: I don’t want to
DEVLIN: Where are you going?
ALICIA: Back… home

Alfred Hitchcock, Notorius (1946) con Cary Grant e Ingrid Bergman